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In this blog, Terry J. Wright posts thoughts and shares research on the Christian doctrine of providence. This doctrine testifies to God’s provision for all things through creation’s high priest, the man Christ Jesus. However, the precise meaning and manner of this provision is a perpetually open question, and this blog is a forum for discussion of the many issues relating to providence and the place of the Church within God’s action.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Stephen H. Webb on the Go(o)dness of Matter

Matter is good, and if it is good, then we should be able to imagine it existing in a state of perfection (that is, we should be able to imagine resurrected, glorified bodies), and if it is potentially perfect, then it can be attributed to God.

Stephen H. Webb, Jesus Christ, Eternal God: Heavenly Flesh and the Metaphysics of Matter (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012), p. 23

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  1. In and of itself as seen from the usual human perspective matter is death.

    From the perspective of Einstein's famous E=MC2 equation and of quantum physics matter is energy. Which is to say that the entire Cosmos and every seeming thing and being, including of course the body-mind-complex of human beings, are temporary seemingly solid appearances of infinite indestructible Primal Energy which never changes. Which is also to say that all of this is a dance of energy. A beginning-less and endless unexplainable process of ceaseless change.

    The world is quite literally a Light Show.

    William Blake - energy is eternal delight.

    But who in todays seemingly very solid, socially-constructed human world, lives as if this were (IS) the case.

    Modern physics tells us that everything is light - every person, every object, every iota of space and time - is nothing but waves in an ocean of light. But what science and conventional exoteric religion does not tell us is that this light is not merely an impersonal force or mass of energy. It is CONSCIOUS; it is ALIVE - in fact, it is a Great Person of Light, a Radiant Being of Infinite Brightness.

    Even better put, in REALITY, Light is the DIVINE Person, the Great One, Living as everything, Appearing as everything, and yet, paradoxically, Always and Only Conscious Light.


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