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Monday, 27 June 2011

Galatians at St Andrews

In my opinion, Galatians is Paul's most interesting letter; it's certainly worthy of far more attention that that overhyped effort he sent to Rome. So I'm pleased to see that the University of St Andrews is hosting a conference from 10-13 July 2012 on Paul's Letter to the Galatians and Christian Theology. Speakers include Richard Hays, Tom Wright and Bruce McCormack.

If the 2006 conference on Hebrews (which I attended; I didn't get to 2009's one on Genesis) is anything to go by, this should be a very stimulating event. But it's also likely to be expensive, so you'd better start saving now.

Proposals for short papers are invited on these themes:

  • Galatians & Art
  • Galatians & Christian Doctrine
  • Galatians & Ethics
  • Galatians & the History of Interpretation
  • Galatians & Eschatology
  • Jewish and Christian Readings of Galatians.
Hopefully, there will actually be some papers on Galatians and Christian Doctrine. I don't know what happened at the Genesis conference, but, if I remember correctly, the conference on Hebrews was dominated by contributions from biblical studies researchers. This isn't a problem as such, but you'd hope that in a series of conferences suffixed with ...and Christian Theology, there would be some short papers that fit this bill.

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