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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

First Annual Colin Gunton Lecture

It's all go at King's College London! Here's the content of an email I received this afternoon:

The Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King's College London is delighted to announce the first in a new series of public lectures dedicated to the memory and work of Colin Gunton. Colin held the Chair of Christian Doctrine at King's for many years and deeply shaped its theology. The present department wants to recognize Colin¹s immense contribution nationally and internationally and we are delighted that Prof. Alan Torrance from the University of St Andrews has agreed to be our first distinguished lecturer. The day will also include contributions by staff in conversation with Colin's theological work and the opportunity for a good number of postgraduate papers.

Registration information will follow in the next week, but please put the date in your diary in the meantime if you would like to take part and/or attend.

The date in question is 20 September 2011.


  1. At the moment, I don't know. I'll drop an email to KCL and post again once I have an answer.

  2. I've received an email saying that it's likely that the lecture(s) will be made available somehow, even if it's only through the KCL Theology website. I guess the best bet is to keep checking that site periodically.

  3. Thanks for checking! I go to a seminary in Northern California in the States, but I'm a huge Gunton fan. Dr. Torrance gave a lecture in my seminary in 2005 and I'm a huge fan of his as well. It's not likely I'd be able to make it, so it would be amazing if the lecture(s) can be made available!

  4. You'll see that I've now posted with more information about the conference. Nothing on recordings, etc., but you'll have a better idea now of what's planned to happen.


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