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Monday, 26 March 2012

Colin Gunton Memorial Essay Prize 2012

The topic for 2012’s Colin Gunton Memorial Essay Prize has been announced:

The Society for the Study of Theology and the International Journal of Systematic Theology offer an annual essay prize – now entering its ninth year – in memory of Colin Gunton.

The topic for the 2012 prize is: ‘The theology of sanctification’.

As the prize celebrates Colin Gunton’s contribution to constructive Christian theology, essays should work within that broad area. Entry to the competition is restricted to current students and to those within three years of their doctoral graduation at the closing date. Entries will be judged on academic merit.

The winning author will be invited to the SST annual conference in 2013, where a presentation of the prize of £200 will be made at the conference reception. The winning essay will be published in the IJST; other competition entries may also be considered for publication.

Essays must follow the ‘Submission Requirements for Journal Articles’ found on the inside back cover of the IJST and on the IJST web-site, with the additional proviso that there is an absolute word limit on entries of 8,000 words (including abstract and footnotes). Essays should not include the author’s name, be under consideration for publication elsewhere, or have been published previously.

The closing date for entries is Thursday, 1st November 2012. The judges (two from the SST and two from the IJST) hope to make their decision in January 2013, and competing authors will be informed of the result in February 2013.

Entries should be e-mailed both to the Secretary of the SST, Dr Tom Greggs, and to the Associate Editor of the IJST, Dr Paul Nimmo, at the following addresses:


Interestingly, the prize for 2011 – on the theology of providence – was not awarded. Presumably this means that none of the entries met the required standard for publication, which, if so, is a little worrying. Does nobody have anything to say about providence that’s worthy of publication? Or is providence simply a topic about which nothing can be said?

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