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In this blog, Terry J. Wright posts thoughts and shares research on the Christian doctrine of providence. This doctrine testifies to God’s provision for all things through creation’s high priest, the man Christ Jesus. However, the precise meaning and manner of this provision is a perpetually open question, and this blog is a forum for discussion of the many issues relating to providence and the place of the Church within God’s action.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Heart of Biblical Theology: Providence Experienced

I’ve just received an Ashgate Theology catalogue for 2012 and am interested to note the following:

Mark W. Elliott, The Heart of Biblical Theology: Providence Experienced (forthcoming, January 2013)

Providing a model of how to ‘do’ biblical theology, this book also explores important emerging trends over the last five years including: reception-history as a means to grasping the theology of the bible; theological interpretation as a new form of lectio divina (meditative reading); the place of Jewish interpretation in forming a biblical theology; and the ever-present problem of losing Old Testament theology in New Testament theology. The second half of the book discusses the theme of Providence, as found in both Testaments, with insights gained from the history of biblical interpretation and from major attempts at working out a theology of Providence. Elliott focuses on Providence as it has been perceived rather than the themes of God's goodness and powerfulness in themselves.

Contents: The limits of theological interpretation; The usefulness of historical Biblical interpretation; The possibility of Biblical theology; Might ‘providence’ show the way?’ Bibliography; Index.


  1. You and me both. Shame it's around £50. Looks like I'll be contacting Ashgate for a review copy...


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