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In this blog, Terry J. Wright posts thoughts and shares research on the Christian doctrine of providence. This doctrine testifies to God’s provision for all things through creation’s high priest, the man Christ Jesus. However, the precise meaning and manner of this provision is a perpetually open question, and this blog is a forum for discussion of the many issues relating to providence and the place of the Church within God’s action.

Monday, 30 July 2012

God and the Scientist – a Festschrift for John Polkinghorne – is Out Now…

… despite what Amazon says at the moment. Church House Bookshop here in London had five or six copies on their ‘new releases’ table.

Eagle-eyed, long-time readers of this blog (chortle!) will know that a Festschrift was planned a couple of years ago when the International Society for Science & Religion announced an essay competition in honour of John Polkinghorne. I submitted an essay cumbersomely entitled ‘Is Primary Causality Informational Causality? A Study of an Aspect of John Polkinghorne’s Account of Divine Action’, but it wasn’t one of the prize winners. However, the editors of the Festschrift seemed to find my submission interesting enough to publish it, anyway. So I’m happy – especially because, in his afterword to the volume, John Polkinghorne himself describes my paper as ‘helpful’. High praise!

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  1. At last! And it seems Doc Polk is a discerning reader too, how rewarding!


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