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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Conference Announcement: Exploring Evangelical Spirituality

Exploring Evangelical Spirituality: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
Conference at Spurgeon’s College
Date: Friday 11 January 2013
Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Cost: £30, inc. lunch and refreshments; £15 for full-time students (any institution) and the unwaged 

For a booking form, please email me here.

The last thirty years has seen a resurgence of interest in evangelical spirituality, as evangelicals and others have rediscovered some of the riches of the tradition. This conference aims to reflect critically on this resurgence and analyse dimensions of evangelical spirituality in depth. Running alongside this is a commitment to integrate knowledge and practice. The conference closes with a communion service which is a central part of the day, and which will draw on material from C.H. Spurgeon’s communion meditations and hymns.

The speakers for the conference are:

David W. Bebbington is Professor of History at the University of Stirling and the author of the seminal Evangelicalism in Modern Britain (London: Routledge, 1993 [1989]). He is recognised as a world authority on evangelical and Baptist life. His most recent book is Victorian Religious Revivals (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012). David will speak on ‘Holiness in the Evangelical Tradition’.

Lindsay A. Caplen is Pastor of South Woodham Evangelical Church (BU) and a Trustee of BMS World Mission. She is a former student of Spurgeon’s College. Before coming to College she worked for a national crime prevention charity and spent a year seconded to the Home Office. Lindsay will be involved in leading worship, including communion, and will give the conference sermon.

Peter J. Morden is Tutor in Church History and Spirituality at Spurgeon’s College, where he also serves as one of the chaplains. He is the author of two books on Spurgeon: C.H. Spurgeon: The People’s Preacher (Farnham: CWR, 2009) and ‘Communion with Christ and his People’: The Spirituality of C.H. Spurgeon (1834-92) (Oxford: Regent’s Park College, 2010). Peter will speak on ‘Evangelical Spirituality: Pathways for the Future’ and help lead the communion service.

Ian M. Randall was for many years Tutor in Church History and Spirituality at Spurgeon’s College, and has also served as Director of Baptist and Anabaptist studies at the International Baptist Theological Seminary, Prague. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including Evangelical Experiences: A Study in the Spirituality of English Evangelicalism, 1918-1939 (Carlisle: Paternoster, 1999) and What a Friend we have in Jesus (London: Darton, Longman and Todd, 2005). He will speak on 'Learning from the Moravians about Prayer and Mission'.

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