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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Thomas Aquinas and Final Causality

It’s notice time! Here’s a newly (print-)published article on Thomas Aquinas, final causality, and analogical predication (the title gives it away) that looks interesting.

Corey L. Barnes, ‘Ordered to the Good: Final Causality and Analogical Predication in Thomas Aquinas’, Modern Theology 30:4 (2014), pp. 433–453

Danger: low-flying birds
Thomas Aquinas’s treatments of analogical predication of the divine names have generated perennial and polarizing debates. This article expands the framework for analysis by examining the divine names through the lens of final causality and the convertibility of being and good, stressing agathological participation as crucial for understanding the metaphysical foundation for analogical predication of the divine names. This approach specifies how analogical predication of the divine names functions as an intermediary end subordinate to the ultimate end of the beatific vision and how the ultimate end of the beatific vision causes the intermediate end of analogical predication.

I don’t remember if I’ve already mentioned this, but Corey Barnes has also published on the subject in New Blackfriars:

Corey L. Barnes, ‘Natural Final Causality and Providence in Aquinas’, New Blackfriars 95 (2014), pp. 349–361

I’ve updated the C bibliography above to include both of these articles.

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