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Thursday, 8 March 2012

God, Time and the Incarnation

There’s a new book in town…

God, Time and the Incarnation is Richard Holland’s treatment of how the incarnation affects God’s experience of time. Here’s some more blurb, taken from a Wipf and Stock marketing catalogue:

The dominant view among Christian theologians and philosophers is that God is timeless—that he exists outside of time in an atemporal eternity. In God, Time, and the Incarnation, Richard Holland offers a critical evaluation of this traditional view in light of the most central doctrine of Christianity: the Incarnation of Christ. Holland reviews the history of the controversy, highlighting the various theological problems for which atemporal models were offered as a solution. He asserts the central importance of the Incarnation for Christian theology, and evaluates both temporal and atemporal models in light of this doctrine. Finally, he suggests that the traditional atemporal view is not compatible with a robust and orthodox view of the Incarnation, and so it rejects the atemporal view of God's relationship to time, thus providing an argument based on the Incarnation that God experiences temporal sequence in his existence. 

There’s a lengthier outline here, but do notice that this isn’t the same edition. It’s considerably more expensive, for a start!


  1. Hi Terry,
    I just happened to see this post about my book. The other version you mentioned is my PhD dissertation. It is a little less refined, and, yes, much more expensive. The less expensive version will be available on Amazon.com soon. Here is the US listing: http://www.amazon.com/God-Time-Incarnation-Richard-Holland/dp/1610977297/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1332777928&sr=8-2

  2. Thanks, Richard. I hope to get a copy one day - it looks a good read.

  3. Hi again, Terry.

    It seems my book is now available in the UK. If you go to the main page Amazon.co.uk and search "God Time Incarnation" my book will be the first search result.

    Thanks also for linking my blog from yours. I have done likewise.


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